2012 Uluslar Arası Kartal Belediyesi II. Taş Heykel Sempozyumu

Uluslararası Kartal Belediyesi Taş Heykel Sempozyumu’nun ikincisi, Kartal’da 16 Haziran- 6 Temmuz 2012 tarihleri arasında gerçekleştirilecektir.

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2012 Uluslararası Kartal Belediyesi Taş Heykel Sempozyumu Başvuru Formu İçin Tıklayınız...

Başvuru adresi:heykelsempozyumu@kartal.bel.tr
Sempozyum Takvimi
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  • 30 Nisan 2012 – Sempozyum’a son başvuru tarihi.
  • 06 Mayıs 2012 – Seçici Kurulun Toplanması
  • 09 Mayıs 2012 – Başvuran sanatçılara sonuçların e-posta yoluyla bildirilmesi.
  • 03 Haziran 2012 – Sempozyum’a katılacak sanatçıların tercih ettikleri geliş-gidiş detaylarını bildirmeleri için son gün.
  • 15 Haziran 2012 – Sanatçıların yerleşmeleri
  • 16 Haziran 2012 – Sanatçıların buluşması ve Sempozyumun başlangıcı.
  • 06 Temmuz 2012 – Kapanış töreni ve telif hakkı ödemelerinin yapılması.
  • 07-08 Temmuz 2012 – Kartal’dan ayrılış.
  • Yüksek Heykeltıraş Niyazi DEDEOĞLU (Tertip Komitesi Başkanı)
  • Prof. Meriç HIZAL
  • Prof. Nilüfer ERGİN
  • Prof. Ferit ÖZŞEN
  • Prof. Vedat SOMAY
  • Prof. Nilgün BİLGE
  • Başkan Yardımcısı Fügen MAVİ

2012 Kartal Municipality International IInd Stone Sculpture Symposium

The International Kartal Municipality IInd Stone Sculpture Symposium will take place in Kartal between 16 June - 6 July 2012

Click here to Kartal Municipality International Stone Sculpture Symposium Specifications
Click here to Kartal Municipality International Stone Sculpture Symposium 2012 Application Form

Application address:symposiumofsculpture@kartal.bel.tr


General Conditions

ITEM 1. The International Kartal IInd Stone Sculpture Symposium will take place in Kartal between 16 June - 6 July 2012.

ITEM 2. The participating artists will be chosen by the Symposium Jury assigned by Kartal Municipality. The Jury’s decision will be based upon the evaluation of the artists’ application portfolios. At the end of the symposium, each artist will be given a certificate of participation signed by Kartal Municipality.

ITEM 3. A total of 10 artists will be participating in the symposium. The number of participants is subject to be changed if proposed as required by the Jury and approved by the Municipality.

ITEM 4. The material to be used is white Marmara Island marble.

ITEM 5. The Symposium has no particular theme.

ITEM 6. The sculptures created in the frame of the symposium will remain in the possession of Kartal Municipality. Kartal Municipality also holds the rights of exhibiting these sculptures in museums or in temporary exhibitions. The artist will allow filming and other documentation of his/her work and the working process. Kartal Municipality reserves the rights of using this material for publicity purposes.

ITEM 7. The sculptures produced by the artists in the symposium will be placed in the positions chosen by the Symposium Steering Committee and Kartal Municipality. The place of exhibition of the sculpture will be defined by the Symposium Steering Committee and Kartal Municipality. Each participating artist is obliged to perform the artwork that he/she proposed in the application form, the completed sculpture must be 100% identical to the project proposed. (The evaluation will be carried out referring to the project.)

ITEM 8. The transportation, accommodation and breakfast, lunch and dinner expenses of the participating artists will be paid by Kartal Municipality.

ITEM 9. Number of companion per symposium participant is limited to one person. Accommodation (only in case of sharing the same room), breakfast, lunch and dinner will also be paid by Kartal Municipality for the symposium participants’ companions. The companions will not be reimbursed for their travel costs, nor will they be paid for their labour, if any.

ITEM 10. Travel expenses for all artists will be covered as follows: economy class plane or bus tickets and transfer from the airport or bus terminal (arrival and departure). The artists will buy their own plane or bus tickets and will be reimbursed the ticket sums in Kartal (within 3 days of their arrival).

ITEM 11. To each artist who has completed his/her work in the given time and place will be given a net total of 3000 € (3000 EURO) for general expenses and copyright. The payment will be carried out in cash, as 1000 € at the end of the first week and 2000 € at the end of the symposium.

ITEM 12. The selected artists who notify their decision not to participate or those who do not show up without a notice of excuse in the first three days of the symposium will lose their right to participate.

ITEM 13. The artists are obligated to remain in the symposium working area during the symposium working hours and have to respect the symposium calendar. The Symposium Steering Committee must be notified of the excuse for leaving, if needed. In any exceptional situations, the Symposium Steering Committee will have a right to assess the situation and accordingly inform the participant of the related decision.

ITEM 14. Participants will be taken on trips around İstanbul. (Participation is optional)

ITEM 15. The relations between artists and the Municipality will be managed by the head of the Steering Committee; master sculptor Niyazi Dedeoğlu.


ITEM 1. The application portfolios, which will be taken into account to choose the participating artists, must contain the following items:

  • Application form;
  • Artist’s birth date and place, telephone number, e-mail address and permanent residential address for communication;
  • Artist’s CV (with photograph of artist) not exceeding one typed page, explaining the 5 most important events the artist has attended, in English or Turkish;
  • Images of the artist’s five previous works;
  • The sketches, the photographs of the model of the proposed artwork for the symposium, showing from different angles, the dimensions for the block or blocks of marble to be used, not exceeding 3m3 in total;
  • Mounting sketch;
  • If the artist sees necessary, a short explanation of the proposed artwork in English or Turkish,
  • If needed, an explanation of the quantity and type of additional material to be used in the proposed artwork;
  • Each participating artist is obliged to perform 100% the proposed artwork in the application form.

Note: The participant has to sign the Application Form and Symposium Specifications Document thus, accepts all the terms and conditions of the Symposium. In case a participant does not act in accordance with the terms of the Symposium conditions, his/her work will be terminated.

ITEM 2. The application portfolio, including all of the documents listed above and not exceeding 1.5 MB must be sent to the e-mail address below before 24:00 on the 30th of April 2012. Only submissions to this e-mail address via internet will be accepted. The first step of the evaluation will be carried out by Symposium Steering Committee and the 2nd and 3rd steps by Symposium Jury.

ITEM 3. The documents in the portfolios may be used in press releases, the symposium catalogue which will be published at a later date, and similar publications.

Working Conditions:

ITEM 1. Kartal Municipality will provide each artist with block/ blocks of marble cut in accordance to the artist’s dimension specifications. (The completed artwork will not exceed 3 meters in total.) In addition, materials needed for the mounting of the sculpture and the base –if specified in the application portfolio– will be provided by the Municipality. In the event of the usage of additional materials other than for the mounting of the sculpture, the technical solutions and expenses will be in the artist’s responsibility.

ITEM 2. The artists will be provided with electricity of 220V, extension cable plug, pressurized water and a compressor with extension hoses and a sun shade in the Symposium work area.

ITEM 3. The artists will be responsible for insuring themselves for any work related accidents.

ITEM 4. The working area will be outdoors. The artists should be prepared for changes in weather like sudden rain or a heat wave.

ITEM 5. If the participant fails to complete his / her work in the given time limit of the symposium for any reason, the Symposium Steering Committee and Kartal Municipality at their discretion, reserve the right of considering the reason and coming to a decision on the issue. By signing this application, the participating artists waive their right to disagree.

The Symposium Calendar

30 April 2012 - Symposium application deadline.
06 May 2012 - Gathering date of the Symposium Jury.
09 May 2012 - The announcement of results by e-mail to the applicants.
03 June 2012 - Deadline for sending in travel details (arrival-departure) for participating artists.
15 June 2012 - Arrival of artists and transfer to hotels.
16 June 2012 - The meeting of participating artists and beginning of the Symposium.
06 July 2012 - Closing ceremony. The delivery of participation certificates, payment of the copyright sums.
07-08 July 2012 - Departure from Kartal.

Note about Kartal: Kartal is a historical settlement on the coast of İstanbul’s Asian side. It is within 10 minutes to Sabiha Gökçen Airport and is only a boat ride to the Prince Islands. Büyükada, the biggest of the Prince Islands is home to a recreational facility operated by the Municipality of Kartal. When the world-renowned urban planner Prost visited Kartal, he noted houses of the Ottoman architecture in Yakacık, and expressed his pleasure in experiencing the Holy Spring (made by Genoese in 6th century B.C.) there: “I have never seen a balcony like the one here in Yakacık.” Every year, during the summer, the Kartal Culture and Arts Festival with the motto: “I love Kartal”, strives to offer a range of cultural activities for the people of Kartal, as well as a sense of belonging to this diverse city.


  • Master Sculpture Niyazi DEDEOĞLU (Head of Symposium Steering Committee)
  • Prof. Meriç HIZAL
  • Prof. Nilüfer ERGİN
  • Prof. Ferit ÖZŞEN
  • Prof. Vedat SOMAY
  • Prof. Nilgün BİLGE
  • Vice President Fügen MAVİ

Brief Impressions of Artists Participated to the International Kartal Municipality Ist Stone Sculpture Symposium:

This was my first visit to Turkey. The very moment I set foot on Turkish land, I felt at home. I have worked for quite a lot of symposiums so far. I must tell you frankly; this was the best organized one ever. Thanks to such perfect organization and the accurate, professional accomplishment of the help asked, three-week time proved enough to finish our work. Everyone was ready to help for fruitful working, while everyone felt responsible for the accomplishment of the work, which was a success. Your friendly kindness had a really positive influence upon our successful work.

Laszlo Lugossy

Dear friends of Kartal, Thank you for every day we spent in Kartal together. I made a page for Kartal in my website: http://hitoshit.web.fc2.com/2011Kartal.htm Let's meet at somewhere again!

Hitoshi Tanaka

Very grateful to be able to participate in the International Stone Sculpture Symposium 2011 of Kartal Municipality. This event, the organizers of the intentions of careful planning and reception staff, so that every artist had a perfect care. Special thanks to the organizers and field staff who worked in enthusiasm, we appreciate them for successful completion of this activity. Although time was so short, we felt everything so good. Hope to have the opportunity to gain experience in Turkish Symposium next time once again. We express our thanks and gratitude to Turkey.

Lee Zih-Cing and Teng Shan-Chi

I was very happy for having participated in the symposium. The group of sculptors who were invited, all of high professionalism, has done the work very beautiful. The organization has been exemplary in assisting the sculptors and to give them what is necessary for better work. Excellent hospitality in the Hotel and very appreciated the activities carried out in free time. Pleasant and well-organized and quality were the places to eat. Thank you for everything.

Ugo Antinori

The artists who have applied to participate in this symposium have consented to act on the above mentioned terms and calendar of the Symposium.

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